Lifeguard Power

The Lifeguard system consists of units with multiple 3 phase and single phase outlets all combining for a user friendly plug in system, protected always by residual current devices RCD and overload circuit breakers MCB protecting the user and equipment from damage. The range consists of many sizes of power distribution units, the largest being the Lifeguard 83 and the smallest unit being the Lifeguard 4. Lifeguard introduces and uses Earth Screened Safety Cable ensuring maximum benefit to all on site. Lifeguard also has a range of site lighting and permanent wall mounted RCD protected work stations.

Lifeguard Lighting

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ABL Sursum

The Name ABL Sursum stands for the highest quality. CEE Plug connections from ABL SURSUM can do more than simply transfer electricity. They effectively and reliably support you in everyday tasks because they can stand up to the harshest of conditions.

Site Safety

The Tri Safe Electrical Lead Stand is the ideal work mate. It is designed to elevate electrical leads and provide a safe work environment.