Our support team are involved in the development of the Australian and New Zealand standards and work closely with the standards board to ensure our product meets the standards applicable to the temporary power market. Our commitment is to only use the highest quality components available on the market. We will always be up to date with the most current Australian Standards, and only use components on our product that are compliant with all applicable standards. Spinefex will always be ahead of its competitors due to our understanding, and the ability to develop and implement, the current Australian Standards.

The electrical industry has been flooded with contract manufacturers, who are eager to copy the designs of successful products and sell them as lower-cost alternatives to leading brands.   These products may be cheaper initially but will cost more in the longer term because they don’t have the longevity and sustainability that the Lifeguard system has.  Furthermore, these products may be sub-standard and often dangerous.  Why risk using anything else other than Lifeguard?