The Lifeguard range of products comprises units with multiple 3 phase and single phase outlets all combining for a user friendly plug in system, protected always by residual current devices (RCDs) and overload circuit breakers (MCBs). The Lifeguard range of products consists of multiple sized power distribution units, the largest being the Lifeguard 83 and the smallest unit, launched in May 2007, the Lifeguard 4. The Lifeguard range of Units utilises, as standard Earth Screened Safety Cable ensuring maximum safety benefits to all on site. The Lifeguard range of products also includes an array of site lighting and permanent wall mounted RCD protected work stations. Our Lifeguard units are weather proof and all enclosures manufactured from highly resilient polyethylene, GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) or stainless steel. Our Lifeguard units can be used in any situation where a safe temporary power supply is required. The Lifeguard System is distributed solely throughout Australia by Spinefex Pty Ltd. There may be poorly built, cheaper imitations available, but one fact remains - Lifeguard is the original and best quality available anywhere on the market - why use anything else?